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Competence panel with Cirkly

We are looking for people within these fields: Investment/financing, Fintech banking/operation/credit, Fintech legal council, B2C Marketing and Affiliation and Partnership.

Welcome to the competence panel for Cirkly

It is time for the competence panel for Cirkly, which is going through the Springboard Focus Investment  and aims to raise capital. If you feel that you can contribute based on your knowledge, experience and/or background, and you can participate at the appointed time, we will be very happy to receive your expression of interest. 

About Cirkly

Gothenburg-based Cirkly is a fintech startup on a mission to revolutionize people’s journey to realize their dream goals and well-being. It is a peer-to-peer saving platform built by combining innovative technology, behavioral insights, and community engagement. Cirkly empower individuals to reach their dream goals faster in a more committed, sustainable, and enjoyable way.

We are looking for people that have experience/knowledge in any of the topics below:

  • Investing in early stage startups
  • Fintech banking/operation/credit
  • Fintech legal council
  • B2C Marketing
  • Affiliation and Partnership

Last date to register your interest: 10th of June

This panel will be held in english. Welcome to register your interest!


What is a competence panel?

The competence panel is a strategic workshop that has two main purposes:

  1. To assist the entrepreneur with relevant feedback, tips, advice, and ideas ahead of the upcoming funding round and meetings with investors.
  2. To create networking opportunities that can be valuable for the entrepreneur in the further development of their business.

During the competence panel, the entrepreneur will present their company to you and the other participants in an 8-minute pitch. The moderator then leads the discussion to highlight the investment opportunity.

We know that your experience is important for helping the entrepreneur advance the development of their business!

Vad är en kompetenspanel?

Kompetenspanelen är en strategisk workshop som har två huvudsyften:

  • Att hjälpa entreprenören med relevant feedback, tips, råd och idéer inför kommande kapitalrunda och möten med investerare.
  • Att skapa kontaktytor som kan vara värdefulla för entreprenören i dennes fortsatta utveckling av verksamheten.

Under kompetenspanelen kommer entreprenören att presentera sitt företag för dig och övriga deltagare i en 8-minuters pitch. Moderatorn leder sedan diskussionen för att belysa investeringserbjudandet.

Vi vet att din erfarenhet är viktig för att hjälpa entreprenören vidare i utvecklingen av sitt företag!


18 jun


09:30 - 11:30






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