Connect Sverige · Event · Connect Talks: Unleashing the Power of Social Entrepreneurs w/ Sofia Breitholtz (CEO, Reach for Change)

Connect Talks: Unleashing the Power of Social Entrepreneurs w/ Sofia Breitholtz (CEO, Reach for Change)

In this edition of Connect Talks, Sofia Breitholtz and Naimul Abd discuss how to use social entrepreneurship to help children and youth reach their full potential globally.

Welcome to our fireside chat with Nordic’s leading authority on Social Entrepreneurship

All children have the right to grow up in a world without poverty, inequality and climate change.

However, there are ecosystem-level barriers, including economic inequality, social discrimination, political instability, environmental challenges, and insufficient access to education and healthcare, that hinder the realization of this dream.

In this fireside chat, we deep dive into the power of social entrepreneurship as means to help children and youth reach their full potential with Sofia Breitholtz (CEO, Reach for Change).


🎤 Distinguished Guest: Sofia Breitholtz (CEO, Reach for Change)

Sofia Breitholtz believes in the power of bringing diverse sectors and perspectives together to solve global challenges.

She has a passion for questions around the future of our children and youth, women’s empowerment and empathetic leadership.

Sofia has previous experience from strategy and management consulting with EY and from working with sustainability at Ben & Jerry’s/Unilever, she also has experience from development cooperation with the EU in Southern Africa and from social entrepreneurship as Deputy CEO of Solvatten, as well as experience from several Board positions in the not-for-profit sector.

Today Sofia is the CEO of Reach for Change.

Reach for Change is a global not for profit that supports early stage social entrepreneurs with capacity development and ecosystem development across three continents.


💡 Talk Itinerary

  • How Reach for Change was founded and what inspired its focus on empowering social entrepreneurs for children and youth?
  • What key challenges do you see in the landscape of child and youth development, and how does Reach for Change address these challenges through its support for social entrepreneurs?
  • How does Reach for Change identify and select social entrepreneurs to support? What criteria are essential in choosing projects that align with the organization’s mission?
  • Examples of successful projects or social entrepreneurs supported by Reach for Change that have significantly impacted the lives of children and youth?
  • How does Reach for Change measure the impact of its initiatives, and what outcomes are particularly meaningful in the context of child and youth development?
  • In your experience, what qualities make a social entrepreneur successful in creating positive change for children and youth, and how does Reach for Change nurture and develop these qualities?
  • What role do storytelling and communication play in creating awareness, mobilizing support, and inspiring change on a global scale?
  • Funding is a key challenge in entrepreneurship? Connect is Sweden’s largest network of private investors – how can Connect and Reach for Change join forces for greater impact?
  • Unleashing the power of social entrepreneurs often involves overcoming systemic challenges. What strategies does Reach for Change employ to navigate and address these larger-scale issues?
  • What lessons has Reach for Change learned from its experiences in various countries, and how does the organization adapt its strategies to different cultural, social, and economic landscapes?
  • What advice do you have for individuals or organizations looking to support social entrepreneurship in the field of child and youth development?
  • Tell us about Next in Mind? What’s the project all about?
  • Can you share a vision for the future of Reach for Change and the broader impact you hope the organization can achieve in the coming years?


🎙️ Moderated by Naimul Abd

Naimul Abd is the CEO of Connect Öst. He is on a mission to connect Entrepreneurs with Capital, Competence, and Connections. He is a serial ecosystem builder and the Nordics lead for global ecosystems including Founder Institute, Nutty Ventures, Startup Grind, and Founders Live.


🗓️ Upcoming Talks

  • 20th December: Thomas Bigagli | Partner Plug and Play Ventures


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