Connect Sverige · Event · Connect Talks: Synergizing Corporate Innovation, Acceleration and Venture Capital w/ Thomas Bigagli (Partner, Plug and Play Ventures)

Connect Talks: Synergizing Corporate Innovation, Acceleration and Venture Capital w/ Thomas Bigagli (Partner, Plug and Play Ventures)

In this edition of Connect Talks, Thomas Bigagli & Naimul Abd deep dive into the intersection of Corporate Innovation, Acceleration, and Venture Capital.

Welcome to our fireside chat with Plug and Play Ventures

Plug and Play is a global powerhouse of innovation.

One part of its business model is accelerating technological advancement by connecting blue chip corporations with the brightest startups across the globe. In this, Plug and Play keep more than 500 industry-leading corporations at the forefront of industry trends.

However, Plug and Play is much more! Today, it runs over 100 industry-focused accelerator programs in over 50 locations globally. And to add to this, it invests in over 250 companies a year alongside the world’s best VCs.

In this fireside chat we meet Thomas Bigagli (Partner, Plug and Play) and discuss Plug and Play’s approach to Corporate Innovation, Acceleration, and Venture Capital.


🎤 Distinguished Guest: Thomas Bigagli (Partner, Plug and Play)

Thomas Bigagli is a Partner at Plug and Play.

He has global managerial experience in the innovation and entrepreneurship space as a tech entrepreneur, investor, advisor and consultant.

Over the past few years he has been involved in:

  • Empowering 300+ team members from 30 locations in EMEA to boost investments activities.
  • Investing in more than 100 fast-growing startups as a VC and BA, from pre-seed to series A.
  • Mentoring, Consulting and Advising over 600 entrepreneurs globally (pre-seed to series A) on different aspects ranging from fundraising to overall business strategy.
  • Advising C-level executives from Fortune 2000 companies on topics related to investments and innovation strategy.
  • Boosting the digital transformation of more than 30 blue-chip corporations in 8 different industries through different innovation services such as Open Innovation Consultancy, POC Management, CVC & CVCaaS
  • Co-launching or supporting the launch of new verticals and 8 Plug and Play innovation hubs in 4 continents by putting in place and/or managing their ventures activities.


💡 Talk Itinerary

  • Origin story of Plug and Play and how it has evolved into a global innovation platform?
  • What challenges large corporations are facing when it comes to staying innovative, and how does Plug and Play address these challenges?
  • With over 100 industry-focused accelerator programs, how does Plug and Play identify and select the sectors for these programs?
  • With a global presence in over 50 locations, how does Plug and Play adapt its programs to suit the unique characteristics of different regions?
  • What criteria does Plug and Play use when selecting startups to invest in, and how do you see the investment landscape evolving in the coming years?
  • How does Plug and Play support startups beyond the accelerator phase, and what resources are available to them as they scale?
  • What industries or technologies Plug and Play sees as particularly promising in the near future?
  • How does Plug and Play approach diversity and inclusion within its ecosystem, both in terms of startups and corporate partners?
  • What are some unique characteristics of EMEA as a region and what are your plans?
  • Zooming in on the Nordic landscape, where is the region heading? What are Plug and Play’s plans for this region?
  • Connect is Sweden’s largest network of private investors – how could Connect & Plug and Play partner up to strengthen the ecosystem?
  • In the dynamic landscape of technology, how does Plug and Play stay ahead of industry trends and ensure its programs remain relevant?
  • Looking ahead, what are the future goals and ambitions for Plug and Play, and how do you see the organization evolving in the next few years?


🎙️ Moderated by Naimul Abd

Naimul Abd is the CEO of Connect Öst. He is on a mission to connect Entrepreneurs with Capital, Competence, and Connections. He is a serial ecosystem builder and the Nordics lead for global ecosystems including Founder Institute, Nutty Ventures, Startup Grind, and Founders Live.


🌐 About Connect Talks

Connect Talks is a catalyst for ideas, inspiration, and impact. Hosted by Connect Öst, we bring top investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to facilitate a dynamic exchange of experiences and perspectives with the Connect universe and the broader startup and tech community worldwide.

This is a digital event. Zoom link will be sent to those who register for the event.

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