Connect Sverige · Event · Connect Talks: Investing Early at the Pre-Revenue Stage w/ Anette Nordvall, Venture Partner Butterfly Ventures

Connect Talks: Investing Early at the Pre-Revenue Stage w/ Anette Nordvall, Venture Partner Butterfly Ventures

In this edition of Connect Talks, Anette Nordvall (Venture Partner, Butterfly Ventures) and Naimul Abd (CEO, Connect Öst) deep dive into early-stage pre-revenue funding.

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Welcome to our fireside chat with Butterfly Ventures

​Butterfly Ventures is the leading seed stage focused VC in the Nordics.

It was founded in 2012 and ever since then it has been one of the most active early stage VCs in the region with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Butterfly Ventures prefers to get involved with companies early: 80% of their portfolio companies did not have any revenue at the time of funding. And typically, their portfolio companies start generating revenue in less than 6 months from the first investment. Right now they are looking for deep tech, HW and HW interfacing SW.

In this Connect x Butterfly Ventures fireside chat we navigate early-stage venture funding with their Venture Partner, Anette Nordvall.


🎤 Distinguished Guest: Anette Nordvall, Venture Partner Butterfly Ventures

Anette is an active Early Stage Tech Investor and Environmentalist, focusing on the New Nordic markets on ICT, and Deep-tech Science based innovation; while adding for profit Impact, Diversity, Environment, and Global goals into the mist. She is an appreciated Board member, Public speaker and Business leader.

Anette was honored with the Vinnova-Wallenberg Fellowship to Stanford University and Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, CA, USA, researching angel investing and common investment values between the Nordics and Silicon Valley; during 2016.

Appointed by Swedish Business Magazine Di Digital as one of Sweden’s Most Powerful Tech-investors 2015, 2016. Named at Nordic100 Most Influential Person, 2017 and 2018. Nominated as Pay-it-forward Investor 2017 at Swedish Start-up Gala. Mentioned in EBAN 2018 report on 200+ most active Business Angels in Europe. Covered at Venture Cup Swedish Country final 2018 as ”Sweden’s nicest Business Angel”. Nominated by Di Digital as one of Sweden’s most important tech Investor 2021.

Appreciated as a Creative strategist and Business innovator with an aptitude for reactive actions, with engaging and high energy ”can do” attitude. Connecting efficient problem solving between idea, driving business innovation to results.

She has recently also joined the Board of Connect Öst as a Board Member.


💡 Talk Itinerary

  • What attracted you to the startup, angel investing, and venture capital?
  • Of these three, which one do you think (startups, angel investment, VC) has the maximum potential of building positive impact for the world?
  • Butterfly Ventures: what’s your positioning, focus, and plan for the Nordics?
  • Investing in the early-stage: what are the key criteria you look for when considering investment?
  • How do you assess the founding team’s capability and experience when evaluating a startup at the pre-revenue stage?
  • What are the most common challenges or risks associated with investing in startups before they generate significant revenue, and how do you mitigate those risks?
  • Could you share a success story from your portfolio where an early-stage investment at the pre-revenue stage turned into a highly successful venture? What were the critical factors that contributed to its success?
  • How do you support startups beyond capital injection? What value-add do you believe VC firms should bring to the table?
  • Your experience as an angel investor: how is that similar to or different from experience as a venture partner?
  • Startups at the pre-revenue stage / building a ground-breaking innovation: how should they present their case to an angel / VC?
  • You have recently assumed the position of Board Member at Connect Öst – what is your vision of growing the organization?

🎙️ Moderated by Naimul Abd

Naimul Abd is the CEO of Connect Öst. He is on a mission to connect Entrepreneurs with Capital, Competence, and Connections. He is a serial ecosystem builder and the Nordics lead for global ecosystems including Founder Institute, Nutty Ventures, Startup Grind, and Founders Live.


🌐 About Connect Talks

Connect Talks is a catalyst for ideas, inspiration, and impact. Hosted by Connect Öst, we bring top investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to facilitate a dynamic exchange of experiences and perspectives with the Connect universe and the broader startup and tech community worldwide.

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