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The startup bringing sustainability into the home cleaning industry

Many of the major brands supplying the world with home cleaning products are great at making people buy their goods, but far from great at cleaning up after themselves. Their environmental footprint is often huge and includes emitting harmful chemicals into the environment, not disposing of their plastic waste properly, and transporting products consisting of 80-95% water for long distances.

The co-founders of Skosh realized that the home cleaning industry was actually quite a “dirty business” and wanted to do something about it. Their line of innovative products will clean your house without it costing the planet anything.

We had a chat with co-founder Tom Hackenberg about their journey and what raising capital to realize their next steps has been like. 

That was a brief into to what Skosh does, Tom, but we want to hear it from you. Tell us what you do, for who, and why!

Skosh is a start-up, founded in Lund in 2019 which offers sustainable cleaning- and household products.

We wanted to change the dirty cleaning industry by providing products which both eliminate plastic-waste and are safe to use in your home. Our first product was our innovative cleaning tablets which once dissolved in water, becomes an effective cleaning liquid. Together with our reusable bottle, we introduced a circular cleaning product which made sure no more single-use plastic was needed for surface cleaning ever again. Now in 2022, we have a range of products and have set a new big goal for ourselves which is to prevent 1.000.000 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in our ocean by May 2023!

That’s a great goal! Tell us a little about your journey so far. You did Connect’s growth process Språngbrädan a while back and recently raised capital – congratulations! How did you feel about the process?

During the Connect growth process it was very helpful to work on the pitch and at the same time spreading the word to potential investors. Eventually, no one (new) from the Connect network joined during this round but it was still very valuable to see familiar faces and discuss!

Raising capital is not easy. What was it like for you?

As it was our second financing round raised, we were able to tap into the network of existing investors in order to pitch our case and find investors from their network. Besides that, existing investors had committed to investing into this round as well, which made it easier for us to convince new investors later on.

What is happening during 2022 for you and what do you want to explore in the next few years?

This round was specifically aiming to bring in new knowledge in strategically important areas, such as retail distribution which is a key milestone for 2022. Besides a recently achieved Coop Syd listing, we are aiming to acquire more retail grocery stores across Sweden. Thus becoming a leading brand for climate-smart refill-detergent across Sweden.

Above that, Skosh aims to tap into new verticals to enable a plastic-waste-free experience to customers in the personal care segment. To further increase the impact of preventing waste and toxic ingredients from entering our environment, we are building a local community in Skåne by organizing waste cleanup events along the coast of Sweden in collaboration with Håll Sverige Rent.

Sounds awesome! Do you have any particular advice to young entrepreneurs just getting into finding funds for their businesses?

The most important thing is to start talking to investors early on, giving them the opportunity to follow you on the journey and development. This is also important in order for you to understand what an investor can contribute to besides the financial contributions. This goes hand in hand with building a relationship with your investors that can go through both good and difficult times.

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