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Scale2Capital is a process for companies that want to grow smart, and successfully attract the VC capital to do so.


A process (and partner) like no other

Connect has a unique approach to scaling and Scale2Capital combines 25 years of experience in what makes companies grow with a modern way of raising capital.

In other words, we help companies accelerate their growth sustainably without perishing in the infamous “valley of death”.

For three months you work through your whole business one-to-one with professionals from key areas and ensure you’re set up to scale successfully with the right people and processes in place.

You will attract, not chase, the capital needed to bring the next phase of your company to life.

What’s the big whoop?

There is allegedly no formula for how to successfully scale a startup. Or is there?!..

You have to crack the code and find your own keys, but we’ll be right there with you along the way. Over the years, we’ve seen too many great companies make unnecessary mistakes and perish because of them. Not because they don’t have the potential to grow, but because they lack the know-how, tools, and support needed to create a company that will work well together with a VC.

Here’s how we actually make sure you level up your business and succeed in attracting the right VC-capital…

The good guys of capital

We focus on helping you build a truly professional company, setting you up for sustainable scalability och sucess.

We make sure your company has everything in place, faster. Once it’s professionally done, we connect you to digital marketplaces where you can match you with the right capital – without taking a cut or shares! See? Good guys!

Ready, set, go

All companies preparing to scale are wise to validate their business using experts before hitting the capital markets.

Not doing so can mean making avoidable and costly mistakes. We would rather you focus on growing your business. In Scale2Capital, you get a handpicked team of experts from our extensive community who validate your whole value chain – from your sales pipeline and finances to board composition and the due diligence process.

Matchmaker, matchmaker…

A unique part of our offer is that you get high-quality exposure and matchmaking on three of Europe’s most cutting-edge marketplaces for VC-capital.

No tinder-like approach where you randomly try connecting with any VC out there – smart, AI-driven matchmaking that pinpoints and connects you with high-quality leads from all over Europe. We’re matchmakers, not brokers.

Join the adult’s table

The due diligence required by VCs is no child’s play.

It’s a whole new world if you are only used to working with business angels. VCs are interested in companies with a growth-minded board and a meticulous Investment Memorandum prepared. We’ll help you get everything ready professionally and ensure you’re looking your best as you join the party. Attract, don’t chase.

For who?

The process is specifically designed for companies that intend to scale using VC capital – and avoid the Bermuda Triangle of Growth: Speed, Disruption, Scale.

We work with companies in all industries and regions in Sweden, but you need to have

  • A revenue / volume of about 5-10 million SEK
  • A capital need of 10-90 million SEK
  • A market position that means you either sell to big clients or have high volumes
  • A registered AB in Sweden
  • A certain corporate maturity with a board in place

An offer you can’t refuse

Ready to rumble? Here’s what Connect gives you in a nutshell…

The process

  • 3 months
  • One-to-one, no batching
  • 8 workshops
  • Coached by experts + Connect
  • Ends with a panel of experts giving you feedback on your whole business


  • Continuous introductions
  • 1-4 individual meetings per year
  • Syndication-opportunities facilitated by Connect

The platforms

  • Highlighted & verified by Connect on two of Europe’s most exciting platforms for VC-capital (Höpöhöpö, pitchago,*)
  • Access to captial markets with potentially +6000 investors

*Techquity takes 1,5% when they’ve successfully matched you with the capital you need.

The practicalities & price

So, let’s summarize. Scale2Capital is a unique process made and supported by experts for companies wanting to navigate the ”Death Valley”, attract pinpointed VC-capital efficiently, and ultimately scale up sustainably.

Throughout the process you and your business is coached and validated by experts, and by the end of it, you’ll be much more prepared to launch your offer on the capital markets. Once you’re ready, you’re matched with European VCs via three digital platforms, and get individual meetings arranged by Connect.

All this for…

  • 22 000 SEK + 4000 SEK for membership in Connect (including platform memberships)

  • All in English (since you’ll be presented to investors all over the Nordics & Europe)

  • 3 month process all in all + follow-ups

Tack vare fantastisk support från mentorn och en panel som Connect kunde erbjuda, så blev det fantastiskt.

Vi har blivit mognare i att ta beslut, vi har blivit mognare i att ta hjälp utifrån. Vi har också blivit bättre på att kommunicera kring exempelvis varumärket internt. Jag tror att Connects plattform, den visionen Connect har och den infallsvinkeln Connect har, passar utmärkt för den nyfikna entreprenören och företagaren, passar bolag som vill ta ytterligare ett kliv efter att ha tagit ett kliv och efter att man etablerat sig på en eller flera marknader. Då tror jag att det är fantastiskt!

Gabriel Ghavami

VD och Grundare, GoMo Group

I Evolve har vi har fått värdefull kunskap bl.a om hur vi tar oss an en internationell marknad. 

Vi har värkt fram en kontentstrategi för våra olika intressenter och identifierat vilka resurser som behövs. Inte minst viktigt är hjälpen vi fått inför en ny investeringsrunda, saker att tänka på och vilka investerare vi vill ha.

Katarina Hedbeck

VD Tada Medical AB

För oss har processen gett oss en bra 360° genomgång av vår tillväxtplan, vi är redo att skala upp!

Vi har i flera workshops gått igenom viktiga områden för att kunna ta nästa steg ut i världen.  Den avslutande kompetenspanelen var fantastiskt bra och värdefull för oss på Tendium.

Hannes Dernehl

VD Tendium

Totalt sett står vi betydligt bättre rustade för vår fortsatta resa!

Evolve har varit en mycket nyttig resa som satt fingret på många viktiga punkter som vi nu kan jobba vidare med på ett effektivare sätt. Vi har också en bra bild av när vi ska ta tag i dom och vilka resurser som kommer krävas.

Per Brorson

VD Chgmap

Vilken påverkan på ett bolag har egentligen tankar och strategier kring Klimat?

Vi kunde en hel del om det här området men de insikter vi fick via Evlove hjälpte oss verkligen att vässa både produkt och bolag. Ligger du inte i framkant här kommer ditt bolag inte vara relevant i en väldigt snar framtid.

Fabian Grapengiesser

VD StockRepublic

Nästa entreprenör

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Questions or queries?

Our business coach and -analyst Pär Rylöv is in charge of Scale2Capital, and is more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

You can reach him at or 0734-66 57 50.

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