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Språngbrädan® Focus Investment is our program for helping startups prepare and qualify for presenting to our investors. We take no equity from startups and make your fundraising efforts both quicker and more successful.


Who is Språngbrädan® for?

Språngbrädan® is primarily available for startups raising their first external funding round. To be considered for the program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Are you raising your first external round? (You might have investors from your own network – friends and family – or an incubator already.)
  • Are you at least two people in the team?
  • Do you have a scalable business model?
  • Do you have proof of concept or an MVP?
  • Have you started an ”AB”?
  • Can you show initial traction?
  • Are you planning to raise at least 1 MSEK?

Why do Språngbrädan®?

Connect helps over 150 startups become investment ready every year.

We will give you the tools, contacts, and competence you need to successfully raise capital, and connect you with handpicked individuals from our network of over 15 000 people nationally who can pinpoint what you need to progress.

Daan de Bruijn, CEO of Bookboost, is one of many startups we have worked with. He will tell you more about the value of working with Connect…


Our application process

Companies are accepted continuously but spaces are limited to a maximum of 6 companies per quarter. The next Språngbrädan® starts on the 20th of August, and applications close 30th of June.
Click on the button to apply and fill in the form at the bottom of the page, companies are accepted continuously.

1. Submit application

You begin by filling in the basic information about your company and your contact information.  

This gives us a first view of your company and we can determine if you are a suitable candidate or if we should help you get in touch with partners from our network instead.

2. Screening

If you are a good candidate for Språngbrädan® we will ask for additional information.

After that we will contact you personally to get to know you more and understand your case. If you are a good match for us and vice versa you will be offered to take part in the program. The screening process is done continuously to fill the spots.

3. Selected to join Connect

Once selected, you will be working with our staff and coaches to make you investment ready.

When you have worked through all the steps of the process, you will be ready to meet with investors. You will also get the opportunity to meet and pitch before Connect’s investor network.

Program content for Språngbrädan®

Språngbrädan is one of Sweden’s most trusted programs for helping startups prepare to meet with investors in Connect’s network and elsewhere. The unique approach has helped first time founders as well as seasoned entrepreneurs with experience from both raising capital and growing previous startups.


Structure of the program

Our process is a 10 week program intended to make you and your startup investment ready. Throughout the program you receive coaching both from Connect, your mentor, our partners, and our network of 8000 individuals from the business community.

The program consists of 7 workshops with expertise from our partners, plus follow-up meetings with Connect.

It ends with a special workshop where we invite a panel of experts consisting of handpicked individuals from our huge network of experts from all industries who gives you individualized feedback on your investment case.



You will get to work with experts and experienced mentors, and get coaching on the following topics:

  • Initial meeting: Setting the framework
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Marketing & PR for startups
  • Financial forecasting, cash flow & capital requirement
  • Investment offer and valuation
  • Legal process and agreements
  • Pitch training
  • Capital strategy

Nästa: The panel of experts

The panel of experts

This is a unique and exclusive workshop where you will get professional advice and tips on business strategy and raising capital from a panel of experienced experts, entrepreneurs, and investors hand-picked just for your startup.

During the workshop they will review your business- and investment case and strategies for growth and funding. Based on their own experiences, they will give you advice and tips on how to move forward both smarter and faster.

This feedback will give you a chance to ”fill in the gaps” and attend to potential blindspots before meeting with investors, and fine-tune your investment offer.

Nästa: Pitchdeck & growth plan

Pitchdeck & growth plan

We will guide you in creating an effective and successful pitch deck and make sure you understand the investment process and can answer all important questions that you will get from investors.

Throughout the program, your mentor will coach you and act as a sounding board when you work with your pitchdeck and growth plan.

Nästa: Investor meeting

Investor meeting

Qualified companies will get the opportunity to present their case to Connect’s nationwide investor network of more than 550 investors.

The network consists of business angels from all over Sweden. Their backgrounds vary greatly, but many have done the entrepreneurial journey themselves before becoming investors, and have all qualified to be part of the closed investor network.

You will also get to create a profile on our digital plattform for investors, Dealum, where they can all look further into your case and get in touch with you.

Program details

  • 10 weeks
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your coach and Connect staff
  • 7 workshops with partners and investors
  • Flexible content to fit your startup or scaleup
  • Become part of Connect’s network

Program fee

The program costs SEK 4.000 and will also give you 1 year membership in Connect’s network.

Våra partners

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